This Sunday

“Vindicate me, my God!” Prove me right!

So begins Psalm 43, our passage for Sunday morning. And so begins more of my thoughts than I care to admit. That’s probably because it feels good to be proven right. At least at first. 

The thing is, God’s after something more than proving anyone right. Come join us Sunday to hear what that might be, either in person at 11:00am, or online through Facebook or YouTube!

National Gathering

Everyone is invited to join for free a conference put on by our denomination, ECO. The conference is completely virtual, and is January 29th-30th, with a sermon on the 31st.

Check out the lineup for the speakers at and don’t forget to register!

The Rock will be hosting a viewing party of the National Gathering on Friday night for the 6:00pm and 7:30pm sessions. We’ll have a screen set up — and maybe some popcorn, too! We’d love to see you join us!

Katie Heiber Service

Our hearts are heavy with the loss of Katie Heiber yesterday morning. Her service will be held Tuesday morning at 11:00am at Nation Funeral Home in McDonald. Her obituary will be sent out once it is posted.

General Sunday Worship Information

Our worship experience is streamed every Sunday at 11:00 AM, on both Facebook and YouTube. You will be able to interact live during the event, and we would love hearing from you. Click HERE to go to the Facebook page.

Click HERE to view the service on YouTube.

We create a worship outline each week that guides our service for any who want to use it to follow along. Click HERE to download the worship outline.

Hope to see you there!

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